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Joe Jonas is Amelia than-aye’s ex-boyfriend..

Posted in Celebrity with tags , , on August 18, 2008 by Kit

Im a big Jonas Brothers fan.. Especially Joe Jonas. Coz he’s really hot…. Almost all of my friends like Joe and kevin, hehe.. They hate Nick (dunno why hehe).

But of all Joe’s ex girlsfriends, Amelia was the prettiest.. I so hate Demi!! and Chelsea..!!! grrrr!!! Joe’s way too hot for them… Like duh?? hahaha!!

They look good together… right…

I love Amelia’s pretty face.. Like so much… hmmmm……. Here she is….

Demi and Chelsea are no match for Amelia.. hahahaha!!!!!!!!! IMAO!! Do you guys agreee??? Well you better be.. hahaha! LOL!