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Historical Escapade

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Barasonian Church and Museum:

arrived at Malolos Bulacan, early in the morning .  When I first saw
Barasonian Church, it didn’t look historical to me.  Well maybe because
it was not that old looking compared to Fort Santiago.  But when I
entered its Museum, I find it really interesting to read all the
essential information and stories that happened in that very place.  I
started to appreciate all the sacrifices of my fellow filipinos and I
am really thankful that they really fought until their last breath for
the freedom of our beloved country.  And not only men can do this
heroic act, women can too.

Fort Santiago:

all the historical places I’ve been to that day, Fort Santiago was the
best.  The whole park is old but still, it remained beautiful in my
eye.  I also saw Rizal’s prison cell and it feels a little different
because it was so dark in there and only a lamp in Rizal’s table serves
as a light in the whole room.  The ambiance is so quiet, full of
loneliness I guess.  I feel like I can almost feel his pain.  But I can
barely sense where’s that weird feeling coming from.  When I first peek
inside his dark cell.  Creeps crawl all over me but when I realized
that it was Rizal’s, that changes everything.  Pity and adoration
replaced the creepy feeling.  Pity because he sacrificed that much
because of his so much love for his country and adoration on the other
hand because he expressed his thoughts through his writings and most
specially, no violence involved that made him really great and very

other areas of the Fort Santiago Park is also a symbol of the history
of our country.  And an underground prison cell really caught my
attention.  It was so dark down there and really scary.  There were no
lights and I’m scared enough to enter because I fear that there might
be snakes and rats in there and worst, maybe some remains of the
prisoners down there.

National Museum:

National Museum in the other hand is a place where all the fossil
artifacts, historical portraits and paintings, world class creations of
our fellow filipinos and many more are kept for safekeeping and
preservation.  They store all those essential stuffs in there for the
next generation.

A painting that really amazed me is is the Spolarium,
it is such a wonderful masterpiece. It’s really huge and I really
admire is creator.  It’s very meaningful and he I know that he put his
heart in it.  And I have observed that paintings are the most abundant
stuffs in the Museum.  Old canyons, bullets, spanish clothing are also
there.  I was really happy that I saw one for real, because I only saw
those battling equipments in books and in the internet.


uncle told me that Fort Santiago was a part of Intramuros and a lot of
historical symbols and buildings was inside Intramuros.  Manila
Cathedral is one of those places and many other more..