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My Opinion about “Mean Girls” and to Lindsay Lohan

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on October 1, 2008 by Kit

Okay… Now this movie?? Well… It’s about friendship, school, etc..

And for me this is one of the best movies of Lindsay Lohan..
But i don’t like Lindsay that much but her movies are great.. No doubt about it.. :p

And the word “grool” w/c means “great and cool” lol.. I like it so much!!! And i also love the line, “I can’t help it that I’m popular.” lol! brag much?? It really made me laugh! It got me okay.. lol! :))

And also the girl named, Regina.. She’s the same girl from the movie, “The Hot Chick”, which was one of my favorite teen movies of all time!! Gosh!!! She’s so damn hot… She looked like a barbie doll here… And her hair color is nice.. It’s very pretty… really.. I also love her figure.. Very very sexy.. She’s almost perfect man..

And the other girls are pretty too.. Oh yes they are!! They’re smokin hott…. hmmm….Okay, but Lindsay?? Well…. I don’t think she’s hot.. imao! (That’s just my opinion). She’s very talented though.. And she really made a big name in the industry… So good for her..

But now… Omfg! She suddenly loose on track.. Don’t know why and how it started.. And i don’t really care… All I can say is, It’s such a waste.. Poor Lindsay.. She’s very disappointing… Now this really proves that drugs can bring you no good!!

Ugh! Now why am i talking crap this time? This isn’t about Lindsay’s life! This is a REVIEW about “Mean Girls”. Not some biography or some tabloid and rumors!.. And I aint a gossip columnist man!! Oh my gosh!! Wait… Now I’m talking nonsense.. argh!! Enough enough!!

Okay.. Back to business.. I like the story line and concept of this movie.. Honesty is very essential to a relationship, whether it’s a family and friend relationship or a boy-girl relationship..

And never ever backstabbed your friends!! When someone told you a secret, don’t tell it to anybody! Whatever happens, “A secret must always remains a secret!”

Another one is don’t make yourself looked dumb just to get him/her to notice you.. There’s still other ways you know.. This isn’t desperate times darlin.. Always remember that “Desperate times need deperate measures”. indeed.

Whoa.. I learned a lot from here.. Grool….. Lol!

xoxo ❤