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I love Jung Ryeo Won!

Posted in Celebrity with tags , , , on August 19, 2008 by Kit


I so love Jung ryeo won… waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love her eyes, her smile,… i love every inch of her..

Dont you guys find her pretty? oh men!!!! Jung Ryeo Won madnesss!!!!!!!! haha!! LOL!!!

I wonder if its really true that she had undergone surgery.. men!! huhu.. So her beauty is artificial?? hope not…. 😦

Too bad i lost her photo on how she looked like before her surgey… its no longer saved on my computer.. dnt know who deleted it..

But just like what other celebrity have said, “No matter what you do, as long as you feel good about yourself.. you’re fine!”… And i so agree… cheers!!! 😀

“Which Star are you from” is one of my favorite series of Jung Ryeo won.. Coz i like their chemistry.. And they really really look good together..

Kim’s hott, Ryeo Won’s beautiful… perfect match… hahaah! LOL!! ❤

hooraaayy for kim ang ryeo won!!!!